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"Spread" -  Mix Media , 2o2o

The final artistic project in which I started to deal with topics that I continue to explore in my work today which I use
in photographs of minorities in society and creates a new movement in the space by connecting the photographs.
The photographs are attached to the wall with nails as the body is pressed against the wall and remind the action of the crucifixion and the pain of the body during the trial process.
spread out in space.
The dress, which is designed from photo collages from personal archives, is made of lycra that reflects a meeting between the ancient cut with the bodice that squeezes the body and the non-breathable fabric in a meeting with the representation of the modern age, the technological one that represents on the one hand the freedom of movement and is not finite but on the other hand creates a feeling of suffocation while sitting in front of screens.
The characters that make up the collage are the same characters in society that represent the "exceptions", those who choose to live their lives faithfully to their personal way.

“Acquainted with the Other” - 2022 - Mix Media  

"Acquainted with the Other" - Mix Media , 2020 

The project continues to deal with issues I have been working on in recent years

that combine photographs of different figures in society, places and events with a cultural, gender background that constitutes disagreements

In society, the characters represent communities such as (LGBT, intersexuals, African Americans, Israeli Arabs, immigrants, etc.)

The work combines hybrid characters that I created from the photographs and connected to Russian objects such as video cassette fans and old elephants.

From the same materials I produce a different spread in space. The spread and the figures represent the unknown and raise questions around complex social issues, including the place of the "exceptional" in modern society, the relationship between person to person without differences of race, gender and religion, the effect of the relationship between different bodies to create new social movements capable of development

"Meeting with the Others" - Mix Media , 2021

"Some of the others" is an installation project that continues the research around the social issues

The photographed figures represent "other" shades in society with cultural/gender backgrounds and sexual tendencies. (LGBT, African Americans, intersexuals, Muslims, etc.)

The connection between the figures in the creation of the movement is the ability for a new movement created by the connection between the minorities.

In this work, plastic cups are used for old tapes that are used as "support" for the same movement created by the figures in the space

The use of plastic cups and tapes was a collection of available materials, existing materials that were used in the past and today are waste and even pollution, but with a renewed look can be a source of renewed creation.

Using the same available material in moments of limitation and lack, it is possible to produce a new movement and create something out of nothing

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