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Background Story : 

Throughout the period of my practice in art I studied the environment, and myself of part of society as a part of the society normal ways of living , i didn't find myself i felt like i can”t fell completely connect to this ways of living my life - not an artist and not as human 

As a way of dealing with questions asked of me, about social conventions, about emotion, about meeting others and connecting with others on a deeper level - seeing the people in front of me and not the personality we regularly show to the world as a protection ( without the masks ).  

A few years ago I find my self struggling with  illness that led me to be physically disabled, to deal with physical and mental difficulties.

In this journey of investigation, I had the opportunity to meet many other characters, beyond the momentary meetings for the sake of photographs, to have in-depth conversations, to hear personal stories, opinions. choices , and about different points of view of life - the experience of living life, about freedom to be yourself and the struggles with this way of being . 

The same process gave birth to several new projects and greatly changed my work as an artist

From a personal journey, the journey became a journey of connection with "the other" - which I call an emotion - the same emotion that leads us to the feeling of connection or distance from meeting other people, in different environments.

And he opened up to me the questions of whether through prolonged exposure, through deepening, the connection can also be seen in "the other", whether it is possible to grow as a plurality even as minorities, whether a minority is something that exists at all or only something that remains existing due to social conventions, religions, different worldviews ? "

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