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Humanity & Shadow
Mix Media , 2019

דוגי וזוג-2.jpg
ורד ואשד.jpg
ורד shadow .jpg
אשד והדר.jpg
רחוב ואשד.-2.jpg
ורד 2.jpg
נויה ואשד 8.jpg
אשד חיבור.jpg

In my project I use medium of stills and video photography to create a visual language, combined with stills footage techniques using long exposure, to emphasis the use of body, it's erasing and reconstructing into new images.
The editing brings out the relations between reality and imagination, between ration and irrational. It also emphasis the ongoing conflict between logic and emotion.
The use of black and white colors creates expression to the connection between light (pureness, naïve) and shadow (impulsive), the point where humanity's both sides are exposed.

The use of medium of digital and video footage comes to represent the future reality that we are living, in which all is available and possible. Through the individual connection to the digital dimension and the recoil from it, I try to crate an authentic tone via black and white images. Likewise, the video projects use scenes of old movies, that raised social questions and broke social conventions.

The stills photos were taken in an artificial light, within a studio that creates the illusion of space out of time, combined with natural lighted outdoor shootings collage.
The photos contains breaking of the images and concealed details in order to create a new image; one that holds a great dark shadow, the symbol of self-coping and self-colliding, and a bright image, enlighten and clear, that symbolise the  deep attraction towards the spiritual.

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