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Daniel Mano - Bella ( born in 1993) in Tel-Aviv jaffa
an Israeli Multi - Disciplinary Artist.

Entrepreneur of  "CollCreative"

 2020- 2022 - Member in " Binyamin" Art Gallery

2016-2020 - Graduated with honors from the Department of Art multi - disciplinary Shenkar College (Bachelor of Fine Art - BA) 


About Danielle's Artworks

In her artworks projects , the artist sets out to explore questions around researches are carried out in several different fields when it goes into the depth of any other topic and tries to reveal the questions within it.

 Through the artistic actions at the end of the story, the artist tries to reveal the "lie" behind them that carries parts of humanity to be different from nature.

Division into different collectives by psychology, philosophy, politics, cultures, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.

In the various works, an attempt is made to reveal the individuality and the connections that exist between different individuals without a fixed social pattern, through a development that reflects mutual relations between each body to the existence of the complete object.

The artworks are made of photographic documentation that the artist has taken over the years of different characters, in different cultures from different religious backgrounds of different genders and those who avoid definition of identity.

By connecting the characters using different recycled materials, I produce different objects each time, abstracts that derive their form from organic development, thus trying to raise the same questions around social conventions, religion and gender for the viewer to discuss.

In some of the works, the artist touches on her personal story that led her to explore these issues.




“September 2022”- “Apparent- The Political Body 

“The GH Art Gallery” 

Curator : Daniella Saraya

“May 2022” - “Unfold” - "Tiroche Contemporary Art Auction House"
"Tiroche Contemporary Art Auction House"
Curators: The Tirosh Auction House and Contemporary Art Collectors

“May 2022” - ״Zatarbut ״Festival
״Beit Ariela״ Library - Tel Aviv Public Library
Curator: Raz Shapira


“October 2021” -  En-Tangle-Ment”
Binyamin Gallery Group Exhibition - (Gallery members )
Curator - Dina Levy


"June 2021" - Houses from the inside"

2021  June

The refrigerator gallery" - group exhibition

Curator : Iris Phedezki 

" June 2021 - “"Out of Box 3"- Public exhibition 

artiq- Art Israeli proud of cooperation with the municipality of A Jaffa , 

Curator : Yael Rosen , gallery street of the alleys of Jaffa old


April 2021 - " Welcome for The News " - Group Exhibition"

Curator : Dina Levy , Shlomit Liver

-April 2021 - "Bus stations- Public Group Exhibition"

Curator : Mayann Nevo

( Department of Culture - Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality )


-October 2020 " Mentor of Art Programs"

Curator - Mayann Nevo

(Department of Culture - Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality

-November 2020 "Loving Art Doing Art " - Open studio

(Department of Culture - Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality)

- September 2020 study final Exhibition -

" Shenkar - Department of Art multi - disciplinary College "

Curators : Professor , Gal Weinstein , D. , " Dr. Hanna Freund - Shertok , Gilad Ophir

- August 2020, " the best work of graduates of academies of Art and Design in Israel in 2020,"

the magazine portfolio in cooperation with the municipality of Jaffa .

Curators : Hagit Peleg Rotem and Yuval Saar , gallery street of the alleys of Jaffa old.

- June 2020, "Out of Box 2"

artiq- Art Israeli proud of cooperation with the municipality of A Jaffa ,

Curator : Yael Rosen , gallery street of the alleys of Jaffa old.


- May 2020, " Inspiration Exhibition under the Sign of " Change "

Initiator of the Exhibition Tali Dvir Livnat Curator : Ilana Selzenev


Certificate of Appreciation from the Luxembourg Museum

- Personal exposure -interview behind artistic activity in Magazine  "Art and Museum" - London




Articles on exhibitions and artistic activities:



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