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" New Age " Project  -
Mix Media , 2022 


Project Background Info:  

The New Age series of works was created as a personal process

A process that brought with it the need to disconnect from the "life" I knew before and a recognition with a renewed confrontation with my body and mind.

The old life ended and out of it a new life was discovered, following the Journey the characters that were present in my life also changed, the environment and I was exposed to the more delicate side of humanity, the painful side, the side that sometimes feels cut off and limited due to social conventions.

From this point, the characters in the series grew - from those connections between different characters with different life stories but with connecting points, the feeling of "the other".

The project is an "Open Edition".
The reason for this is the idea behind the project It is the ability of anyone interested in art to own one - as a meeting point so that everyone can have a feeling of connection to another.

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