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"Experimental Identity" 

Collage , 2023,  90X90 Cm  
made  of MRI and Xray imaging 

*Printed on stainless metal, UV resistant colors 

Project Background Info

Collage , 2023,  90X90 Cm , MRI , X-ray Imaging  

*Printed on  Syntactic Recycled Paper , UV resistant colors 


The project revolves around questions of identity and blurring of identity, temporality, perspective and ethics.

When I raise questions about "Identity" and different points of view, surrounding individual identity , collective identity .
Those experimental images collages examines the boundaries of the visible and the hidden, of the known and the unknown and how the same use of radiation sources And magnetic energy in the universe reveals beyond the physical body also the deeper layers of the humans behaviors.

Using X ray and MRI imaging as material


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